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Peyton Williamson has always felt like he hasn’t belonged. In the idyllic City, everyone seems to know exactly what they’re doing and exactly who they like— except for him, of course. Being shipped to the Academy, the school all adolescents must attend to become full members of society, barely helps at all. If anything, the realization that the world he’s spent his whole life in may be a fabrication for something more sinister only exacerbates his insecurities. Others around him find themselves becoming disillusioned with the City as well, doubting who they can trust and what they can do to keep themselves safe. When they’re all ripped out of their homes and thrown into a territory ungoverned by the City’s authority, they must learn their way through the wild lands, meeting the people who struggle to live on a day-to-day basis within it along the way. Over a series of events, they slowly unearth secrets about their society— and themselves— that may have best remained hidden.

~ * ~

Stasis is a speculative fiction novel following three characters— a young boy who’s unsure of the society in which he lives, a young woman who’s undoubtedly discontent with it, and the man who controls it all for “the greater good.” Their individual journeys both within and outside their realms of familiarity find them watching the lines between good and evil blur, and the very foundations of their lives being challenged. Every six chapters there is an interlude chapter spliced in, showcasing a different point of view to give a different perspective on events and to provide information that may not be given through the three members of the main cast.

Readers should be warned that while not exceedingly graphic, Stasis is a fairly dark story and gets increasingly darker as the plot progresses. It addresses some heavy topics and dark situations, particularly toward the end of Part Two and onward. Generally speaking, Stasis is targeted toward older, more mature audiences and those who are of a younger age or especially sensitive should take caution while reading.

If you’re still interested, Stasis is set to publish a new chapter every Wednesday and Saturday.  Start reading it here!

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